Frequently Asked Questions
  • Perfume - is the strongest and longest-lasting of fragrance form.
  • Eau De Parfum (EDP) - has a perfume extract concentration between 15-30%. This compound has high fragrant intensity
  • Eau De Toilette (EDT) - has a perfume extract concentration between 5-15%. This compound has medium fragrant intensity
  • Cologne - has a perfume extract concentration between 3-8%. This compound has mild fragrant intensity and is less concentrated than EDP
  • There are 3 stages. First, phase occurs in the first 10-20 minutes where the initial scent note is released. This is the consequence of your warm skin evaporating the alcohol.
  • Second is the middle note which is the actual scent of the perfume may last between 4-6 hours.
  • Thirdly and lastly is the final note which is the base note that creates the final fragrance memory.
  • Perfume darkens due to oxidation over time and deteriorates the fragrance.
  • Keep the perfume bottle away from direct sunlight in room temperature.
  • Dresser drawer would be a suitable place to keep perfumes in.
  • Make sure the cap of the bottle is closed tightly to prevent the alcohol from evaporating.
  • At pulse points. For example, inside wrist, behind ears and at the back of neck.
  • Every fragrance has its own story, explore and discover the fragrance that defines your aura.